Diva  EVA    Do That Again !!
Jazz Journalists Association Presents
Jazz Matters: "The Art of the
Wednesday, March 23, 6-8 pm  
The event is FREE
The Jazz Journalists Association, a non-profit
organization, will present a panel of experts
discussing interviewing  techniques on Wed-
nesday, March 23, from 6-8 pm at the New
School Jazz Performance Space, 55 W. 13th
St. in New York.  

The event is
FREE and open to the public and
is the second in a series of four presentations
planned for Spring, 2005.  Panelists include
Sheila Anderson, WBGO Radio; Lourdes
Delgado, photographer;  Butch Morris,
composer; Ted Panken, writer and
broadcaster; and Monk Rowe, videographer
and Director of the Hamilton College Jazz

"The Art of the Interview" will focus on
successful techniques used by journalists to
generate informative and productive interviews
as well as do¹s and don¹ts that should be
mutually observed by the journalist and the

For more information on the Jazz Journalists
Association or the Jazz Matters panel on March
23, contact Dawn Singh, 857-544-0739 or
dawn@dawnsinghpublicity.com. Next Panel
will be Wednesday, April 20.
Not Even Halle Berry Looking Unbelievably
Beautiful Could Save Oprah Winfrey's Boring
Rendition of
"Their Eyes Were Watching God"
Eva PIgford the 19-year-old
student from Los Angeles
who was left the pretty
young thing standing on the
last season finale of Tyra
Banks' catwalk-strutting
reality show
"Their Eyes Were Watching God", the
story of a beautiful and resilient
woman's quest for love and spiritual
fulfillment despite society's, and her
lovers' - expectations, was
introduced as Oprah's all time
favorite "love story", and while the
storyline maybe noteworthy, the
presentation lacked commitment to
the project.  

Halle Berry was too beautiful, and
therey distracting from the storyline.
EVA and Taye Diggs
"American's Next TOP MODEL"enchanted
viewers on UPN's
KEVIN HILL, starring Taye

The show which aired Wednesday, Feb. 23 has
Kevin taking the first steps towards full custody of
Sarah, by getting the birth mother to give up her

Also, in that show Kevin had a fling with a model
(guest star Eva Pigford, "America's Next Top

Clearly Diva
EVA is royalty in the makings.  She
is a natural actor, bringing highly favored charm,
grace, professsionalism and wit.... UPN -- DO
Halle Berry in
Oprah Winfrey's
"Their Eyes Were
Watching God",
courtesy of Harpo
But at the top of the
list of performances
is veteran actor Ruby
Dee as the
Ruby Dee
Nanny, who in very few minutes on screen worked
her way into the hearts of viewers.
20th Century Fox to Release “BECAUSE OF
WINN-DIXIE” Starring Jeff Daniels, Cicely
Tyson, Eva Marie Saint, Dave Matthews &
Introducing Anna Sophia Robb In Theaters
Only on Friday, February 18th
Based on the perennial
best seller, a lonely young
girl adopts an orphaned
dog, Winn-Dixie (so
named for the
supermarket where she
found him), who helps her
make friends in a small
Florida town.

The bond between the girl
and her special
companion brings
together the townspeople,
and helps heal her own
troubled relationship with
her father.  Rated PG:
Thematic Elements and
Brief Mild Language.
Magic Johnson Theatres
presents “THEIR FAME,
sweepstakes as the
countdown to the most
prestigious film awards
competition beginning this
TINA TURNER Returns With New
is without doubt
a true rock star.

Her sensual,
soulful and
powerful vocals
have been part
of music history
for over four
decades – Tina
Turner is back
with a new
album, "All The
Best", released
by Capitol
Cookie & Magic Johnson
While Hollywood prepares for the 77th Annual
Academy Awards,
Magic Johnson Theatre patrons
have their own competition – where they can win
$100,000 and other fabulous prizes.

consumers ten winning names to the top
Academy Awards categories such as "Best Actor
and Best Actress.” During the award broadcast on
February 27th, participants get to share the
anticipation with the nominees to find out if they
are winners too. Consumers matching all 10
categories will receive $100, 000 with those
matching 9, 8, and 7 categories respectively
winning American Express gift certificates in
various denominations. Additionally, everyone is
entered to win a trip to the 2006 Academy Awards
red carpet.

Magic Johnson Theatre patrons are invited to
enter the sweepstakes by either logging onto
www.enjoytheshow.com or using their movie
stub. Using their Magic Johnson Theatre movie
ticket number, consumers will receive a unique
and random list of celebrity nominees in ten

Registrants can tune into the Academy Awards on
February 27th on ABC to see if the list of winners
they were assigned match the actual winners in
their pre-selected categories. All of the categories
selected will be televised, which makes watching
the Awards more compelling for consumers.

Magic Johnson Theatres is part of the Loews
Cineplex Entertainment Corporation, (www.
enjoytheshow.com) the third largest movie theater
chain in the world, with 200 theaters and 2,176
screens worldwide and is privately held by Bain
Capital, The Carlyle Group and Spectrum Equity
Actor Jamie Foxx
celebrates winning the
Oscar for "Best Actor" at
the 77th annual Academy
Awards in Hollywood,
February 27, 2005, for his
role in the film RAY.

“Give it up for Ray
Charles and his beautiful
legacy. And thank you Ray
Charles for living,” said
Foxx, who climbed to
Oscar glory after an early
career built mainly on
Believe it or not, the legend of Tina Turner began
more than 50 years ago. Born in Brownsville,
Tennessee and raised nearby in the "li'l ol' town"
of Nutbush just like the song says, Anna Mae
Bullock was in recording sessions as early as
1953, when she was barely a teenager.

The highlights of Tina’s unrivaled career have
been united in a comprehensive and essential
collection of recorded works by this unique and
iconic performer across 2-Disc/33 tracks.

The array of hit songs on the collection is
mesmerizing, 'Let’s Stay Together' 'What’s Love
Got To Do With It?', 'We Don’t Need Another Hero
(Thunderdome)', 'Proud Mary',  right through to
hits of the ‘90s like 'I Don’t Wanna Fight', and

"All The Best" features 3 new recordings by Tina,
showing her vocal majesty continues its reign
'Open Arms' produced by Jimmy Hogarth;  
'Complicated Disaster' produced by Steve
Robson, and 'Something Special' produced by
Trevor Horn.

It also includes a live-in-London version of
“Addicted To Love”; duets with David Bowie
(“Tonight”), Bryan Adams (“It’s Only Love”) and
Italian superstar Eros Ramazzotti (“Cose Della

Tina Turner even includes her version of
theme song -- 'In Your Wildest
BOB JAMES - February 21st, Doors@6 pm   At the
Blue Note in Greenwich Village
Bob James
has three great
passions – music,
wine and art.

Get a taste of all three
on Monday, Feb 21, at
6:00 p.m. at the Blue
Note when Bob shares
Bob James
his passion for his music and his warm and
colorful wine that features his own artwork on the

If good food is also your passion, you're in for a
treat -Their Chef De La Maison will whip up a meal
with three delectable courses to complement the
wines. James’ music, wine and art. It will indeed
be an affair to remember!

Menu   -- Bouquet of Baby Greens with Basil Oil;
Maine Lobster Tail with Asparagus; Petit Filet
Mignon with Bob James Shiraz Demi-glace;

FEATURING: Bob James, piano; Chuck Loeb,
guitar; James Genus, bass.  SPECIAL RATES:
95.00 TABLE / 30.00 BAR

World's Finest Jazz Club & Restaurant,
The Blue Note
131 West 3rd Street, NYC 10012
212-475 -8592 www.bluenotejazz.com
Laurence Fishburn Talks About His Latest Film
In Theaters  Now "Assault on Precinct 13"
From Focus Films
With nearly 50
films to his credit,
Fishburne has
become one of the
most widely
recognized actors
in America.
‘I do  I do’  'Really I do'
Just not right now!  More Americans
Putting Off Marriage
By: Rhoda Wolin

It used to be common for men and women to
get a marriage certificate not too long after
collecting their high school diplomas. Not

Census Bureau figures for 2003 show that a
third of men and nearly a quarter of women
ages 30 to 34 have never been married, nearly
four times the rates in 1970.  In 1970, only 6
percent of women 30 to 34 had never been
married, the Census Bureau found. The figure
was 23 percent in 2003.

It’s further evidence that young people are
focusing on education and careers before
settling down and beginning families, experts

Couples’ living together before marriage also
have eased.  "I don’t know how people got
married before living together first,” said Sandy
Weinstein, from the Bronx, who moved in with
her fiancé after getting engaged nearly a year
ago. “This is crucial to see how you get along.”

Psycholgist are contending, the majority of
people still want to get married, but they see it
sort of as dessert now  --- something that’s
desirable rather than necessary.
From Spike Lee's film "School Daze" to his
portrayal of the abusive Ike Turner in "What's Love
Got to Do with It" to the steadfast Morpheus in the
smash sci-fi hit, "TheMatrix," Fishburn remains
being a commanding talent.

In his latest film, "Assault on Precinct 13," he
plays Marion Bishop, a jailed crime lord who
must protect himself from a department of corrupt
cops out to kill him.

"Assault on Precinct 13" is a remake of John
Carpenter's 1976 cult classic about cops and
criminals banding together inside a police station
against a multicultural siege of gang members.

Fishburn says "But this is more of an update
rather than a remake.  We are not exactly true to
everything that happens in the first movie. We've
kind of expanded it and opened it up and brought
more characters in and changed the nature of the
bad guys."

The film also stars Ethan Hawke, Ja Rule, Maria
Bello, Brian Dennehy and John Leguizamo. "Our
cast is incredible," says Fishburne and notes
working with Hawke was wonderful. "He's a
consummate actor and passionate about it."

Aside from his film work, Fishburne keeps busy
as UNICEF's ambassador for the U.S. Fund. He
has been working with the children in
Sub-Saharan Africa who are orphaned by AIDS.
Like A Fine Wine Morgan Freeman Keeps
Getting Better - His Work In "Million Dollar Baby"
From Warner Brothers Just Earned Him His
Fourth Oscar Nomination
In the critically acclaimed film "Million Dollar
Baby", he plays Eddie "Scrap Iron" Dupris, a
former fighter in his sunset years working at his
old friend's gym.

Adapted for the screen by Emmy-winning
screenwriter Paul Haggis, "Million Dollar Baby" is
based on a short story from the collection "Rope
Burns," by F.X. Toole.

Toole spent years working as a "cut man," the
member of a boxer's team whose job it is to
patch up his injuries so he can continue fighting,
and his stories vividly capture the essence of life
in the ring.

The film also stars Hilary Swank, who portrays
Maggie Fitzgerald, and Freeman's friend, Clint
Eastwood, who directs and plays Frankie Dunn.

Born in Memphis, Tenn., on June 1, 1937,
Morgan Freeman describes working with
Eastwood as "a plesant experience". And notes,
"He doesn't direct actors, which is what I want.
I'm the kind of actor who thrives in that kind of
atmosphere. He's a marvelous director, and he
wants you to play your own fiddle. He hired you
for your music."

And play, he did.
Freeman received the fourth
Oscar nomination of his career.

Long before
Freeman became a movie star, he
was known on stage showing his versatility as a
song-and-dance man playing Rudolph in the
Pearl Bailey version of "Hello, Dolly!" and in the
title role of "Purlie!"

Morgan Freeman recently signed on to play
Bruce Wayne's right-hand man Lucius Fox in
"Batman Begins," a prequel to the popular film
franchise focusing on the superhero's shadowy
Power That the Urban Audience Wields at
the Box Office
By: Marty Stein

Diary of a Mad Black Woman got its revenge
against mixed critics' reviews by earning
$22.7 million and taking first place at the
weekend box office.

The film's strong debut pushed
Will Smith's
romantic comedy ``Hitch'' to the second spot
with a weekend haul of $21 million,
according to studio estimates Sunday.

Showing in 1,483 theaters, `
`Diary of a Mad
Black Woman'' averaged a healthy $15,307 a

Audiences in exit polls gave the film an
A-plus rating and the vast majority said they
would recommend the PG-13 rated film to
Jazz Matters  Wed, February 16th  from 6-8 pm
New School Jazz Performance, 55 W. 13th St.
NYC - FREE and open to the  public "Artists
Copyright vs. Corporate  Copyright"

Ongoing developments in intellectual property
law  continue to highlight the debate over the
rights of artists, JOURNALISTS, the
entertainment  industry, PUBLISHERS and the
public to gain access to, use AND PROFIT FROM
creative works.  This panel will be of INTEREST
to jazz media, jazz fans and jazz musicians.

Recent cases regarding peer-to-peer file sharing
on the internet, an author's right of attribution
the extended term of copyright protection have all
touched on the sensitive allocation of rights
among those who create works, those who
exploit them, and those who seek to enjoy them.
This panel has selected knowledgeable
commentators from the legal,  artistic and
journalistic community to discuss the struggle to
protect and  encourage creative authors while
guaranteeing the public access to their creative

Panelists include Gary Giddins, author of  
"Weatherbird" (Oxford University Press),
critic for the Village  Voice; Jonny King, Copyright
and Trademark Attorney, jazz musician and
author of  "What Jazz Is" (Walker 1997); Norman
Schreiber, former Vice President of  Contracts,
American Society of Authors and Journalists and
25-year veteran  magazine journalist; and Gail W.
Boyd, President of Gail W. Boyd, P.C. and Gail  
Boyd Artist Management. Howard Mandel,
Executive Director of the JJA will moderate.
February 19th @ 2 PM  - RICHARD BONA  One
of Most Sought After Talents On the Globe
Blue Note Master Class,
today's most seminal Jazz
artists share their
knowledge and expertise in
a casual and intimate
setting of a jazz club.
A class consists of a lecture and demonstrat-
ions followed by a question and answer

It is a rare opportunity for aspiring musicians
and avid jazz listeners to hear the voice of
artists whom they admire and ask what they
always wanted to know.

Attendants are encouraged to bring their
Gladys Knight Is Back With A 100 Voice Choir
Celebraing Gospel Music  “One Voice" New CD
Her powerful vocal presence is, in fact, enriched
by a 100-voice choir, celebrating gospel music.

""Over the years I have really matured spiritually."
Knight says.  "About 8 years ago, I started to
search and seek ... I started looking at different
churches, and I ended up at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints ... I had been
talking to the people saying “I love this church and the hymns, but they’re so ... they need
something!” And somebody told the Prophet. ... And right there in front of everyone he
said, “Well
Gladys, I hear you’re not satisfied with our music! Well maybe you’re going to
have to do something about it!”

"Two of my friends came to me a while after that and said “you should do a choir.” I
ended up with a choir of one hundred voices and that inspired me to do this CD."
Tina Turner