filmed Tuesday & Wednesday   March 29 and 30 in front of a
live audience
SOMI    Live at Joe's Pub
Monday, March 28th, 2005  9PM
Season Premiere Friday, March 25th
USA Networks 9/8C
Originally from Uganda and Rwanda, SOMI's music gives
voice to the African experience with a blend of
contemporary and traditional jazz - exhaling a belly full of
stories on life, love, and liberation.

Somi, vocals; Herve Samb, guitar; Daniel Moreno,
percussion; Vashon Johnson, bass; Jeremy Pelt, trumpet;
Julius Torentino, sax & flute; Lenae Harris, cello; Tia Imani
Hanna, violin; Angela Harris, violin.
The director is the  
marvelous Robert Frye
(who, amongst many
other things, was the  
producer/director of ABC
News with Peter
He is in
control and
he always
leaves you
wanting more.
Joe's Pub 425 Lafayette Street - 212.539.8500
$20 at the door (
Sharp dressed man Kojak (VING RHAMES)  is larger than life, he's
very much self-assured, confident and resolute in his convictions
and his style.  A man who can not be ignored.

Bad boys fear him, good guys imitate him, women want him.

As a detective
Kojak is compassionate and  arresting.
Iyanla Vanzant Introduces Common Sense Approach When
Addressing Life's Challenges In Hit Reality Show "Starting Over"
Leo Baeck Institute presents "KINDERSZENEN: Scenes from  Childhood" - Part I
of Robin Hirsch¹s  seven-part performance cycle - MOSAIC: FRAGMENTS OF A
Tuesday March 29 -  7:30 pm  & Wednesday March 30 - 7:30  pm at the Center for
Jewish History, 15 West 16  Street, NYC.

KINDERSZENEN is a one-man show  (the first of seven), adapted by Robin Hirsch
from his highly acclaimed  memoir, LAST DANCE AT THE HOTEL KEMPINSKI
("one of the best books written on the long arm of the Holocaust"--
Jewish Book

With humor, insight, anger, and understanding, it re-creates fragments of  a life
which was once whole but which was decimated, deracinated, and  scattered
across the earth.  Mention "Cornelia Street Cafe" you will get the discount  rate of
$10.  BOX  OFFICE 917.606.8200
Discussion with the author will follow the  performance.
“TEXAS JUSTICE” Got It's Own Flavor - And It's All Good For 20h
Century Fox Television
“TEXAS JUSTICE” the hit  half-hour
courtroom drama from Twentieth
Television offers everyday people an
opportunity to a swift and fair legal
resolution to their complaints.
Judge Larry
Joe. Doherty
The success has a flavor all its own, blowing the lid off of what really goes
on inside a Texas courtroom

“TEXAS JUSTICE” is ruled by fiery Houston lawman, Larry Joe Doherty.

As one of Texas’ most respected jurists, Larry Joe brings over 30 years
experience to the bench.   

Judge Larry Joe. Doherty’s rulings include his own brand of humor,
fairness and legal expertise.

When he hands down justice, Texas style, it just may be prefaced by
something humorous like - "You don't know the difference between
sick'em and come-here.
"TEXAS JUSTICE" - Check your listings.
Kirstie Alley Is Halarious in New Sitcom Debut "Fat Actress" for SHOWTIME
(l to r) Life Coach Iyanla Vanzant, Consulting Psychologist Dr. Stan
J. Katz, PhD, and Life Coach Rhonda Britten "Starting Over"
Kirstie Alley is capitalizing on her super-sized self, and the sensitive
subject of obesity in her new sitcom, "Fat Actress."

Alley plays herself, a woman at war with food, her weight, and
Life coach Iyanla Vanzant, a powerful, positive and
larger-than-life force of personality, brings a special brand of
empathy to her life coaching work on television's  

Iyanla (pronounced e yawn lah) joined the
house sharing her wisdom, compassion and enthusiasm for
life - with the "sisterhood of women" (and men) who believe
in the power of television.

For 24 years Vanzant studied everyone and everything that
spoke to personal strength, personal growth and

She then integrated that information with her own
experiences and now shares wisdom that helps to heal
wounds  - and thoughts of getting on with living life.

Her work, she says, "Teaches people how to move beyond
whatever has happened in their lives in order to do and be
what we came to life to do and be."

Vanzant teaches that one cannot evolve politically, socially or
economically until one evolves spiritually.

As the Chief Executive Officer of Inner Visions Worldwide, Inc.
and Inner Visions Spiritual Life Maintenance Center in Silver
Spring, MD,
Vanzant conducts workshops and classes and
coordinates a correspondence prison ministry with more
than 3,500 incarcerated members in over 150 penal
institutions nationwide.
(Check for time and listing in your area.)
Kirstie Alley
She's the fat girl on the outside trying to get back in.

Once a sitcom sex symbol, Alley has been trailed by the tabloids for years, with
every added pound seemingly registered in humiliating headlines,

"I am not making sport of fat people, I'm making sport of  fun", she says.

"Fat Actress" appears on Showtime, which is owned by Viacom, as is CBS and
Paramount Pictures.
Loose Lips Sink Ships
America's Next Top Model Tells BRANDY
You're Beautiful But     "GO HOME"
23 Year Old Simone Kopmajer Delivers "Romance" May 3, 2005 For ZOHO
March 24, 2005 - Tyra Banks this week showed viewers
that  jumping to conclusions can be bad exercise.

Brandy, the 20-year-old cosmetology student from
Houston, was the 3rd of the 14 contestants eliminated
from CYCLE 4.

The message sent by the show - hostile demeanors have
no place in the modeling industry. Anger turned outward is
not okay.  

Minds are like parachutes - they function only when open.  
Great job
The singer Simone Kopmajer [pronounced "Cop -
myer"] lets emotion drive the whole works.
"The idea is not to overload it," says Ms. Kopmajer, "but keep your message simple
and honest so it will go right into the heart of the listener. That's the highest goal you
can achieve."

The 23-year-old female singer shows that she knows a lot about music in songs
like  "A Blossom Fell" -- a song known only to Nat King Cole fans, which she
modernizes with a slight hint of latin rhythm.

She does a remarkable twists with Michel Legrand's "How Do You Keep The Music
Playing?",  Bob Telson's "Calling You" (done by Patti Austin, Natalie Cole and
others), and "Whatever Happens,"by Bill Withers.

"Romance" is produced by Todd Barkan, and recorded by David Darlington at Avatar
Studios in New York.
Brandy not
America's Next
Top Model
First Black super model Beverly Johnson and
tennis champion
Serena Williams thrilled the
girls with surprise mentoring  visits.  This is the
best season ever.
True American Story, Premiering Sun -  Apr 10 at 8 pm     On "E"
Birdland Jazz Club, 315 West 44th
Between 8th and 9th Ave. NYC.
Call (212) 581-3080 for reservations and information.
Music Sets at 7pm and 8pm
Combo Nuvo           Is
Dave Schroeder, woodwinds, harmonica; Rich Shemaria, keyboards; Mike Richmond,
cello; John Hadfield, percussion
AND... Special guest guitarist Brad Shepik.
Receive a FREE CD!!
TOP MODEL 3 winner EVA
PIGFORD guest stars on
the next
Wednesday, February 23,
After sorting through countless stories of pain and tragedy, heroism and
selflessness, E! selected six extraordinary people to profile. They aren't
movie stars or musicians, but they found themselves in remarkable
situations and overcame incredible obstacles, premiering Sun., Apr. 10,
at 8 p.m on "E" Entertainment Television.

Join host
Montel Williams for a two-hour journey into their lives.
Shoeshine Business Partner From Atlanta Georgia Gets WOWified Earning Forever Memorializing Trip
Weightlessness On Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" March 24th Episode
By: Gatsby Melodi'
37 years-old Craig Williams had the power to set his
sights on a goal and then arrive a  --WINNER!   

Donald Trump had the power to take an ordinary
moment and give it extraordinary value.

The task this week weighed with
to make the most money.

The winner between the two groups would be
determined  by two executives from  Home Depot -
Recognizing that his team
wasn't behind the product he
had chosen, Craig made the
"Principol decision that their
clinic would be about the
storage trunk and began to
prepare for the clinic by himself.
Final judgement - Jose criticized Net Worth for not involving
the customer enough. He said that the team missed the
do-it-yourself aspect of the clinic.

On the other hand Christine showered
Magna with praise.
She said that she had never seen a clinic that involved
parents along with children. Plus, she said,' the clinic
inspired customers to buy products."

The clear winner was Magna.   For its reward Magna whose
members were walking on air --  would literally walk on air.

They boarded a 727 and experienced weightlessness
during a special flight offered by a company called Zero-G.

Craig, 37, has been married eleven years and is very proud
of his four daughters. He was born in Gulfport, Mississippi,
but raised in San Francisco. He is currently an EMT and
firefighter working 24-hours a day, every 3 days. During his
time off, Craig became a standing partner in the "Pinnacle
Entertainment Group," a music conglomerate. Craig also
created and developed a modest shoeshine franchise
entitled, "Peaceful Feet Shoe Shine Inc."
Later, Craig pulled his team together and accused members of
having bad attitudes.  Eventually he got everyone to recommitt to
the task.

Although they may not have liked the trunk idea everyone agreed
to make their clinic the best it could be.

Magna's clinic Craig and the others set out trunks in various
stages of completion.

Kids decorated a few of the painted trunks on display while the
adults learned how to build them from scratch.  The clinic was
hands on, literally, as children put their painted handprints on one
of the trunks.

Later one of his teammates confided in an interview "Craig was
right on the mark with the box - it was simple, engaging and
involved the whole family."

The team admitted that they hadn't given the idea the respect it
deserved. Later calling it
brilliant, and justifying their behavior by
adding "he had a hard time getting ideas across".

The other team
Net Worth - suggested creating a mobile kitchen
island for their clinic - basically several shelves on wheels. When
they tried to actually build one, they ran into all kinds of problems.
Craig Williams
Jose Lopez and Christine McVeighon .  And ya know it -- George and Carolyn were
along to observe.  
Craig Williams was made Magna Project Manager. His
first order of business was to
go to God in prayer.

Craig suggested a clinic about building and
decorating a storage trunk.   He said you could
involve both customers and their children.  
His teammates voiced concern that many stores sell pre-made storage boxes. They
argued that Craig's idea wasn't creative enough.  They called Craig's idea --"boring".
Others mocked the project flippantly calling it "the box."
and emplying it as the "pet coffin."

Some pulled no punches  - -  "the dumbest idea"  
When all was said and done,
Craig Willaims said "I want to
thank my four
daughters, my
beautiful wife
and God!!"

Those truly remarkable
words together make a
profound and noble
statement from an obviously
spiritually grounded young
man, a role model for
And yes there were those who even attacked Craig's character saying "they didn't
understand what Craig was talking about most of the time."
FREE Celebration of National Jazz and Poetry
Saturday, April 16

Saturday, April 16, 2005 beginning at noon and
ending on Sunday, April 17, 2005 at noon Jazz and
Poetry Marathon

A free, 24-hour, non-stop jazz and poetry jam
session, including community poetry readings,
late-night/early morning performances and classic
film screenings!

Featuring The Joel Harrison & Peter Apfelbaum
Duo, The Nat Jones Trio, The Gary Versace &
Chris Cheek Duo, Matthew Shipp, Searching For
Banjo (featuring Everton Sylvestor), Bob Holman
(Bowery Poetry Club), Chica Luna, The Welfare
Poets, Steve Dalachinsky, Saul Bennett, George
Wallace (Suffolk County Poet Laureate), Ishle Park
(Queens Poet Laureate), Regie Cabico, Hal
Sirowitz, Moonshine, Leticia Viloria, Simone
Gorrindo, Jackie Sheeler, Talk Engine, Seren
Divine, the Ugly Duckling Poets, and many more!

Flushing Town Hall 137-35 Northern Blvd.,
Flushing, NY 11354.  (one block east of Main
Street in Downtown Flushing, at the corner of
Linden Pl.)
Subway: 7-train to Main Street/Flushing
Phone:  (718) 463-7700 x222
"By Myself and Then Some"
By: Natalie Solomon
Alpert & Moss Donate A&M Papers &  Mementos
Friday, April 15th - Saturday, April 16
10pm @ Fat Cat In Greenwich Village
Los Angeles April 2, 2005 -
Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss,
whose A&M Records label
recorded superstars such as
Sting, the Carpenters and
Quincy Jones, have donated
company papers and
mementos to the UCLA Library
The classic Bacall face
seems little touched by
her 80 years.  She
humorously address
this comment  "When
people say I look just
the same, I tell them to
take another look. My
mirror doesn't tell me
Featuring: Eli Degibri, tenor;
Ben Monder, guitar; Ben Street,
bass; Bill Stewart, drums
(4/15); Adam Cruz, drums
Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss
Eli Degibri
The collection includes sound recordings, gold albums,
letters, photographs and items such as a score for "The
Lonely Bull," a 1962 hit by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana
Brass, according to an announcement Friday.
The company was founded in 1962 in a garage behind
Alpert's house. Other music greats the label recorded
include Carole King, Joan Baez, Chet Baker, Burt
Bacharach and Bryan Adams.
A&M Records was sold to Polygram in 1989.
Fat Cat - 75 Christopher Street @ 7th avenue
A young tenor saoxphonist from Israel, don't miss him.
"A rare find in jazz today", says Herbie Hancock, about the
talented composer.

Eli Degibri has performed, toured and/or recorded for
Herbie Hancock sextet (2 yrs); Al Foster, Eric Reed; and
Ron Carter.

Studied under
Jimmy Heath and Clark Terry.
Her last two years have been amazingly busy
writing the updated autiobiography book,
Myself and Then Some".
 It's a unique
publishing venture: The first part is a reprint
of her excellent 1978 memoir, "By Myself." It
is followed by
"And Then Some," which
brings her life up to date.

She has done TV commercials and given
lectures that include film clips, commentary
and Q&A, which she says is her "favorite part
of the show".

Her most recent film was "Birth," starring
Nicole Kidman.

It's a unique publishing venture: The first part
is a reprint of her excellent 1978 memoir, "By
Myself." It is followed by "And Then Some,"
which brings her life up to date.
Her friendship with Hepburn dated back to
1951 and the location for "The African
Queen." The bond deepened with the deaths
of Bogart and Spencer Tracy. Bacall writes
poignantly of her many visits to Hepburn in
her Connecticut retirement and what
happened the last time she was there:

"I walked right over to her chair in the living
room, sat next to her, kissed her. She
seemed to know me a little." And when
Bacall was about to leave,
Hepburn, who had
been silent, said, "Please stay." After a
half-hour, Bacall kissed Hepburn's cheeks,
and Hepburn whispered, "Thank you."
SMOKEY ROBINSON Brings His Golden Voice and Hits to
Sat, April 16
ABC's Peter Jennings Has Lung Cancer
Smokey Robinson will perform his
mega-hits like "Tears of a Clown," "Ooo,
Baby, Baby," and "I Second That Emotion"
with a live orchestra, beginning at 8 PM
on Saturday, April 16, 2005, at Lehman
Center for the Performing Arts as it
continues its 25th Anniversary Season.
NEW YORK, NY  April 6, 2005 - Jennings broke the news in
an e-mail to colleagues Tuesday and, in a taped message
because his husky voice wouldn't permit him to anchor
"World News Tonight" in the evening, to his viewers.

"Almost 10 million Americans are already living with cancer
and I have a lot to learn from them" he said. "And living is
the key word.".
Peter Jennings
During the early '60s, Smokey became the premier songwriter in
America churning out dozens of soul, R&B, and rock standards
for the Miracles, Marvin Gaye, Mary Wells, the Marvelettes, and the
Temptations, including their hit "My Girl."

His songs have been recorded by a diverse array of artists,
including Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles.
With over $60 million in record sales, Smokey helped turn
Motown into the largest Black-owned corporation in the world.

Lehman Center for the Performing Arts - 250 Bedford Park
Boulevard West, on the campus of Lehman College in the Bronx.  
Tickets $50, $45, $35, and $25.  Call  Lehman Center box office
at 718.960.8833

Lehman Center is accessible by #4 or D train to Bedford Park
Blvd. and is off the Saw Mill River Parkway and the Major Deegan
Expressway.  Free attended parking is available.
Anthony Anderson Stars as Malcolm King, A
Wealthy and Arrogant Businessman In Theaters
April 22, 2005
Jennings, who begins chemotherapy treatment next week, said he
intends to keep anchoring the evening news. But he acknowledged there
will be days when he's not up to it.

Doctors said most lung cancer patients can continue to work throughout
treatment, but need flexibility to take it easy on days they are not feeling
On BROADWAY -- August Wilson's "GEM OF THE
tarring An Extraordinary Cast Led By Phylicia
Rashad Has Just Opened at the Walter Kerr Theatre To
One Glittering Rave After Another
Regina Hall as “Peaches” and Anthony Anderson as
“Malcolm” in New Line Cinema’s upcoming film,
King’s Ransom. ©New Line Productions
The 9th work of
August Wilson's
decade by decade
cycle of dramas
Anthony Anderson stars as Malcolm King, a
wealthy and arrogant businessman whose ex-wife
to be has plans to take him for everything he’s
worth in their divorce settlement.

Determined to avoid losing his fortune to her,
Malcolm plans his own kidnapping with the help of
his dim-witted mistress and her ex-con brother.
Unfortunately for Malcolm, he is not the only one
with a kidnapping plot. Directoed by Jeff Byrd.
A Performance & Discussion Series
moderated by Katti Gray vocalist
composer & cultural activist
Monday, April 18, 2005 @ 7:30 pm
BRIC Studio - 57 Rockwell Place, 2nd
Floor Brooklyn, NY [1 block east of
Flatbush Ave] to purchase tix call:
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Southeast
Chapter present Q&A with Executive Producer Afeni Shakur -
Monday, April 18th 7pm in Atlanta Georgia
the  African-American experience during the 20th century, GEM OF
is the remarkable story that starts it all.
Filled with the warmth, humor and eloquence that has always characterized
August Wilson's work,
GEM OF THE OCEAN will take you on the mystical
voyage of a lifetime.

Phylicia Rashad portrays a woman of warm, maternal majesty, and her
home serves as a sort of communal  place of refuge and protection . Other
cast member include Ruben  Santiago-Hudson, Lisagay Hamilton, Anthony
The Southeast Chapter of
The National Academy of
Television Arts and
Sciences a professional
organization serving
Alabama, Georgia,
Call Out Hook .. FANTASIA
J Records
"asks if love between a Black man and Latina
woman can survive"      Final Stage Performance
Saturday, April 23 at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm
Katie Murphy Amphitheater
located at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)
27th Street at 7th Avenue (New York, NY)

Call TheaterMania at 212.352.3101 and mention
code SONG.
15 or more, please call 646.522.4348.
SF Bay Area master drummer
percussionist  composer
makes a rare appearance in New
York Wednesday, April 20th at
Now playing at the Walter Kerr Theatre - 219 West 48th Street  
NYC,  212-239.6200; tickets:$85.00; Kenny Leon (Director).
Mississippi, South Carolina, & Asheville, North Carolina with the awarding
of the EMMY television's most coveted peer recognitionpresents a Q&A
with executive producer and Tupac's birth mother - Afeni Shakur, Monday,
April 18th at 7 PM, at The Red Chair, 550-C Amsterdam Avenue Atlanta, GA
30306 (404) 870-0532 Please .RSVP to
Thursday, April 21, 2005 award winning poet & actor Mo Beasley Lang
Cafe / New School University 66 W. 12th Street - New York City
Doors Open at 7:00 pm
Admission is FREE
Mo Beasley is an accomplished poet actor and arts educator.
His work has led him to perform at Joe's Pub, Aaron Davis Hall, The New
Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Kennedy Center.  

He is the Grand Prize winner of the WBLS/Dunkin Donut Expresso Yourself
Spoken word/Poetry Competition. In 2003 Beasley.  

As an arts educator, Mo conducts workshops for youth programs throughout
New York City .

On the stage but behind the scenes,he has also worked on Broadway,
Off-Broadway, and regional theater production, including Bring In Da Noise
Bring in The Funk, The Joseph Papp Public Theater, and The Boys Choir of

Beasley holds a Bachelor of Theater Arts from Howard University and is the
Founder and Producing Director of The LoveStorm Entertainment Group, LLC
- a network of independent artists and entertainment professionals.
MY SOUL TO KEEP  A Performance & Discussion Series moderated by
Katti Gray
Monday, April 18, 2005 @ 7:30 pm
BRIC Studio in Brooklyn
Acclaimed vocalist/composer, author, and cultural activist, Tulani Kinard
(former member of Sweet Honey In The Rock; Founding Producer of the
Ase of Peace Fellowship series) is "at one" with jazz, folk, gospel, R&B,
traditional African songs, and spoken word. She will be in conversation
about her perspectives and insights on music and culture, as well as offer
a performance (backed by some of the best musicians in NYC). Katti Gray
of New York Newsday will moderate the evening's purchase
tix, please call: 212.868.4444.
The Timberland Company Celebrates Earth Day’
s 35th Anniversary with 125 Global Community
Service Projects
Latin Jazz Weekend  at NJPAC! -- New Jersey Performing Arts Center  
-- Friday, April 22 – Sunday, April 24, 2005  -- Meet the artists at a wine
and cheese reception

This red-hot weekend kicks off on Friday with Jazz @ Lincoln Center's
newest resident band, the Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra, a ferocious
ensemble that brings a program of Mambo Madness along with guest
Arturo Sandoval, a four-time GRAMMY winner and an
undisputed legend in Afro-Cuban music.

Following the performance, meet the artists at a wine and cheese
reception at NJPAC's Theater Square Grill.

On Saturday, the festivities continue when NJPAC's Alternate Routes
hosts the premiere of a brand new work by acclaimed musician,
composer and six-time GRAMMY winner
Paquito D'Rivera.

Latin Jazz Weekend concludes on Sunday with a screening of When the
Spirits Dance Mambo, a fascinating documentary that travels from West
Africa to Cuba to New York, tracing the spiritual evolution of son and
mambo, Afro-Cuban and Latin Jazz, and the influence of those forms on
contemporary Hip-Hop.

For tickets & more information, please call
1.888.GO.NJPAC (1.888.466.5722) /
In support of his latest Motema Music release

The date features Lea (drums percussion);
Hilton Ruiz (piano); Richard Howell
(reeds/percussion); Avery Sharpe (bass) and
"BUJO" Kevin Jones (percussion).

The Jazz Standard - 116 East 27th Street
(Park/Lexington) 212-576-2232
7:30pm / 9:30pm $20.
Daryl McDaniel of the famed hip-hop trio Run-D.M.C,
joined the Timberland Company to celebrate Earth Day’
s 35th Anniversary at a community service project in
South Bronx, NY.  More than 150 volunteers and local
youth teamed up to renovate an abandoned lot and
transform it into a community garden
Greenwich Connecticut Family YMCA Now Registering Adults & Children
for Spring Programs

The Spring session begins on Monday, April 25. Members can register
online at     by phone 203-869-1630 or in person at the
front desk.

This year we are asking for your help to strengthen more than muscles.

Strengthening muscles is a key component of all Y activities but the
Greenwich Family YMCA does more than that  we also strengthen kids,
families, and our communities through our values-driven programs.  

Every YMCA program is designed to help kids grow strong in spirit, mind,
body and character.  Your gift to the Annual Campaign for Youth ensures that
all kids
have the chance to participate in healthy activities that build skills, values,
confidence and strength.  

Your tax-deductible gift of...$25 will give a child two weeks of youth basketball
clinics...$100 will give a special needs child one session of a Challenger
(such as Adaptive swim lessons)....$250 will provide one month of after
school care for an elementary school child....$500 will give a child a chance
to learn to swim in one year of swim lessons....$1,100 will provide one
month of full day childcare so a single parent can work without worry. --
Greenwich Family YMCA | 50 East Putnam Avenue | Greenwich, CT 06830
Heavyweight Boxing at Madison Square
Garden on Sat, April 30th
On April 22, 2005  more than 5,000 Timberland
employees, business partners and consumers
volunteered in community service projects in 24
countries to commemorate the 35th anniversary
of Earth Day.  

The projects generated approximately 30,000
hours of service benefiting more than 125
communities worldwide

Says Jeffrey Swartz, President and CEO of The
Timberland Company.  “As a company
committed to the ideas of civic engagement,
partnership and sustainable change, we’re
excited to be a part of this worldwide effort to
protect our planet.”

Timberland’s Earth Day activities addressed a
range of pressing social and environmental
needs across the globe.  The completed
projects benefited local schools, parks, social
service organizations and environmental
Karrot, Inc. Opens Second Organic Health Food Store in Harlem May

Harlem, NY - - Organic products to fuel the mind body and soul will soon
arrive in Harlem.

Karrot, Inc. a chain of organic/health food stores has announced the May
2005 opening of its fourth store at 304 W. 117th Street (Corner of
Frederick Douglas Blvd).

The Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) celebrated Karrot's
Harlem arrival at a press conference and check presentation ceremony  
Tuesday, April 26, 2005 at 10:00 am. held at 854 W. 181st Street at the
corner of Cabrini Boulevard in Washington Heights.

Carlos Aguila is owner of the successful chain.

A former Vice President at Bank of America, Aguila leaped off the cruise
ship Corporate America in 2001 in search of greater personal freedom
and the fulfillment of his personal potential. He launched his first Karrot
store in 2002 in Brooklyn.

Aguila's stores are very unusual in their approach to ambiance design
and merchandising. A great deal of art, color and fragrance embrace the

The friendly staff the happening music and the Mambo Juice bar help
make it a great experience.

Karrot Locations
431 Myrtle Ave. (at the corner of Clinton Ave. in Brooklyn) - 718.522.9753
283 Grand Ave. (at the corner of Lafayette Ave. in Brooklyn) -
718.789.1020  - 854 W. 181st St. (at the corner of Cabrini Blvd. in
Washington Heights) - 212.740.4417
Championship boxing returns to The Garden
on Saturday, April 30th.
Don King Productions in association with
Madison Square Garden presents the WBA
Heavyweight Championship of the World.
WBA Heavyweight Championship
John Ruiz (41-5-1, 28 KOs) VS. James "Lights
Out" Toney (68-4-2, 43 KOs).  Garden Box
Office: 4 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY  
(212) 307-7171
Thursday MAY 5
The  FREE "Bag It Lunch" Series Returns Friday
May 6th  at 12 noon with SONIA SANCHEZ
The glitz and glamour of
Hollywood will make its
way to Atlanta on
Thursday, May 5 for the

Coast Premiere of
featuring Jane Fonda and
Jennifer Lopez
The New York Chapter of the Recording Academy welcomes
Sonia Sanchez

"Bag It Lunch" events are from 12 noon – 2 pm.

Be sure to bring yur lunch. Beverages will be provided.
Admission is FREE but space is limited.

Join the New York Chapter of the Recording Academy in a
conversation with poet and recording artist Sonia Sanchez as
she discusses the relationship between poetry and music.

An author with more than 16 books to her credit, Sanchez has
been recognized with many awards, including the American
Book Award.

She has collaborated with artists Mos Def, Jill Scott, and
The Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention (G-CAPP) in
partnership with New Line Cinema will debut the film at the Fabulous Fox Theatre
as part of G-CAPP’s annual fundraising event.  

The evening will begin with red carpet arrivals at 5:30pm, followed by a 6:00pm.
showing of “Monster-in-Law” and a post-film gala with live and silent auctions.  
The evening will cap off with a 10th Birthday after-party to celebrate G-CAPP’s 10

Stars confirmed to be present are Jane Fonda, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Vartan,
Wanda Sykes, Director Robert Luketic, Dallas Austin, OutKast’s Big Boi, Kenny
Rogers, Hank Aaron, Carlos Santana, Ted Turner, Bob Shaye, Michael Lynne, Eve
Ensler, Lauren Hutton.
Sonia Sanchez
YELLOWJACKETS - A Quartet That Has Carved A Unique Niche In
Jazz By Relentlessly Exploring Alternate Planes of Consciousness
For More Than Two Decades Delivers
"Altered State"
Her new CD, Full Moon Of Sonia, is a diverse offering of musical and poetic styles that spans
R&B, jazz, Afro-Cuban, gospel, and hip-hop.

The event will be moderated by April R. Silver (Member, Board of Govenors of the NY
Chapter).  RSVP's to   or call 212.245.5440.
Most artists agree that the creative process
usually takes them to another place - a level of
consciousness that differs dramatically from the
everyday experience.

Keyboardist Russell Ferrante, saxophonist Bob
Mintzer, bassist Jimmy Haslip and drummer
Marcus Baylor are four such artists known
collectively as the Yellowjackets
"So What The Fuss" The new song from Stevie's first studio album in 10 years
BAND - "OBON"  Marks the 25th Anniversary of the Asian American Jazz
A  legend like Stevie Wonder really needs no introduction,
especially since he's been churning out hit record after hit
record since 1962.

The newest hit single from Stevie Wonder's brand new
album A Time To Love (in stores May 3rd, 2005).
Originating in Buddhist legend Obon is a time to remember
the ancestors relatives and friends who have died.

On April 26, 2005 the release of
"obon"  Hiroshima’s first
instrumental record  marked the 25th year of the Asian
American jazz ensemble’s recording career and the 60th
anniversary of the imprisonment of the Japanese during WWII.
Says Ferrante about "Altered State" - “It refers to that meditative place
where one goes when you engage in whatever creative thing you do.”

Catch the YELLOWJACKETS show May 3rd-8th at IRIDIUM JAZZ CLUB
on Broadway at 51st in NYC.
(see below for details).
The song, "So What The Fuss," has already begun taking radio airwaves by storm
and you'll soon see the video, directed by Paul Hunter, on your television screen!

This classic single also features some killer guitar playing by another music
legend, Prince, as well as some sweet background harmonies from the lovely
ladies of En Vogue!
Alvin Ailey® American Dance Theater
Jersey Performing Arts Center -
May 6th,  7th & 8th
“When you think about Obon there’s a sense of being uplifted,” says multi-
instrumentalist Dan Kuramoto, the band’s co-founder and leader. “You are in
solemn rememberance but you can also have a good time. It’s like a gift.”

Hiroshima’s jazz roots come to the fore on 'Swiss Ming'inspired by the classic Les
McCann/Eddie Harris album Swiss Movement and Chef Ming Tsai, host of the
cooking show Simply Ming on public television.

25 years after their debut album on Arista Hiroshima continues to create and grow
their own distinctive “East meets West” style of music - a blend of the spiritual and
the exotic over a bed of urban rhythms from jazz and R&B to salsa and more.

The Los Angeles based ensemble was founded by the former husband and wife
team of Dan and June Kuramoto.

Dan is third-generation Japanese and grew up in East L.A.

June is one of the world’s leading koto players - was born in Tokyo and raised in
inner-city Los Angeles in the 1960s.

Their families were both imprisoned in internment camps during World War II, while
their uncles fought and died in the US Army in Europe and the Pacific – experiences
that continue to motivate and inspire their work.

Says Dan - "
Obon is both tribute and celebration. It is a new beginning for us.”

Other outstanding tracks include #2 'china latina'; #3 'kototsu-han (san Kyoku); and
#6 'one thursday morning'.
The Wine & Diamonds Affair - In Atlanta Georgia May 5th 6- 8pm Extravagent
Shopping Experience to Benefit The American Heart Association

Join celebrity jewelers Chad Allison, Christopher Designs, Concord, Damiani,
Daniel K, Martin Flyer and Scott Kay as they present trunk shows of their finest red
carpet diamond masterpieces in a spectacular shopping event.

Enjoy wines by Jacob's Creek and hors d'oeuvres by Glorious Events Catering to
raise money to help the American Heart Association's fight against heart disease,
the #1 killer of American women. -404.978.0149
One More - Music of Thad Jones With Hank Jones, James Moody, Benny
Golson, Frank Wess, Bob Brookmeyer, Jimmy Owens, Richard Davis, Mickey Roker
and Roland Hanna
ONE MORE  - MUSIC OF THAD JONES showcases the timeless
compositions of Thad Jones one of the most influential jazz
composers of the second half of the 20th Century.
Dancer: Asha Thomas / photo by Howard Schatz
Featuring Love Stories a new work that explores the technique, energy, movement,
and rhythm of African American social dances like the Lindy hop, Philly bop, hip hop,
& modern dance, Plus
REVELATIONS at all performances.

(Choreography by Judith Jamison with Robert Battle and Rennie Harris)

Fri, May 6 at 8:00 pm - Sat, May 7 at 8:00 pm - Sun, May 8 at 3:00 pm
for tickets & more information, please call
1.888.GO.NJPAC (1.888.466.5722) or visit
NJPAC's box office located at One Center Street (Newark, NJ)
A composer who in the words of Charles Mingus, wrote with "a pencil guided by God."

The recording features legendary musicians who were associated with Thad and
performed his music throughout his career including his brother Hank.  

Among the many highlights of the recording are a classic "tenor battle" on the title tune
between James Moody, Benny Golson and Frank Wess.
McDonald's Gospelfest 2005 Madison Square Garden Friday, June 3 @
7:30pm, Saturday, June 4 @ 7:30pm and Sunday, June 5, 2005  
Hinton Battle Theater Lab Playwright Search "READING WORKS"     Yields 8
Motown Legend MARTHA REEVES Enters City Council Race
DETROIT, April 29 - Motown legend Martha Reeves lead singer for
the Vandellas has announced her candidacy for the Detroit City

Reeves told WDIV-TV she believed the repeated disputes among
council members were preventing progress in the city and she
hopes she can make a change.
The lab is in its second year of operation and Battle
thought it would be a great time to reach out to new
playwrights to find the types of works the lab intends to
develop and produce.

The winner  will receive a $1,000 cash prize, runner-up
gets $500.

Readers include Marva Hicks,
Maurice Hines, Barbara
Phylicia Rashad and James Stovall.
What everyone's been waiting for! The
Queen - Aretha Franklin goes back to her
gospel roots and headlines all three
nights at McDonald's Gospelfest 2005 in
The Theater at Madison Square Garden.  
$56.50 - $96.50.
The Asbury Park Press has given Reeves' reissued "Home To You" CD (under
the Itch Records/True Life Entertainment label) top 10 acclaim on it's 'List of the
best Blues albums of 2004'.
Actor, Singer, Dancer,
Entertainer Artistic
Jaclyn Smith & Corbin Bernsen Star In "Ordinary Miracles" For the Hallmark Channel
Mother's Day Weekend
In "Ordinary Miracles" Judge Kay Woodbury (Jaclyn Smith) is a
beautiful but emotionally distant divorcee whose career has
become the main focus of her life.

Having second thoughts after sending 16-year-old  to a juvenile
correctional facility, Kay takes a chance and takes the sullen but
sensitive girl into her own home.

With divine intervention, Kay not only saves the 16-year-ol female
Sally, but rescues herself from a future of loneliness and regret.
Readings dates are Monday, May 2, 9, 16, and Tuesday, May 24h, 2005 at The
Bruce Mitchell Room, 520 8th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York City, (between 36th &
37th Streets) @ 7:00 pm.

"We are excited about honoring some truly unique individuals who represent the
best our industry has to offer", says Battle.
Jaclyn Smith
Stars Jaclyn Smith, Lyndsy Fonseca, C. Thomas Howell and Corbin Bernsen.

Showtimes: Sat May 7, 2005 9 & 11 PM/ET; Tues May 10 9 PM/ET