“How To Tell If She’s  Ready
To Be Kissed”
By:  J. C. Lee

I used to have no idea if a woman was
ready to be kissed.

I could be sitting there talking to her
thinking to myself “Wow, her lips really
look nice...” but I didn't know what to do
next. This would often leave me kissless,
and many times kissless for good, as I
didn't get another chance.

Here's what I do now:
If I've been talking to a girl, and I want to
know if she's ready to be kissed, I'll reach
over and touch her hair while we're
talking and make a comment about it. I'll
say "Your hair looks so soft" and just
touch the tips of it.
If she smiles and likes this, I'll reach
back over and start stroking it again, but
this time I also glance down at her lips
and back up to her eyes a couple of
times. If she lets me keep touching her
hair, I know that she's ready to be kissed.
By using “The Kiss Test” I've been kind
and complimentary, but by being very
SUBTLE about it, I haven't given her
anything she can object to. I now have a
way of knowing if she's ready to be
kissed that NEVER gets me rejected—
and I know within 5 minutes what it used
to take me hours or days to figure out...
Victoria Rowell will guest star on this week’s
episode of
Noah’s Arc - America’s first Black
gay television series
MATT SAVAGE TRIO Makes  “Quantum Leap”
With New Album Sept 19th - Distribution Deal With
Jazz Label Palmetto Records
Los Angeles, CA  August 21, 2006
Victoria Rowell, Rockmond Dunbar,
and Keith Hamilton Cobb guest star on
Noah’s Arc -  America’s first Black gay
television series.

Rowell is set to play her first role as a

Victoria Rowell (“
The Young and the
Restless”) and Rockmond Dunbar
(“Prison Break” and “
Soul Food”) guest
star on this week’s episode of Noah’s
Arc, America’s first Black gay television
series.   The episode is set to air
Wednesday, August 23 at 10 PM ET/PT
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New York, NY August 22, 2006 - The Matt
Savage Trio, helmed by 14-year-old jazz
prodigy, composer and pianist,
Matt Savage,
will release their fifth album, Quantum Leap
(Savage Records) on September 19.
It is also the Matt Savage Trio’s first album through a new
worldwide distribution deal with Palmetto Records (MRI/RED).
“Quantum Leap” follows the Trio’s acclaimed 2004 release,
“Cutting Loose” Bösendorfer New York will host the “Quantum
Leap” CD release party on September 14 and the
Matt Savage
Trio will perform at their New York Design Center location (200
Lexington Avenue at 32nd St.).

Matt Savage Trio is set to perform on September 27 at the
Regattabar in Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 30 at
Opera House in Rochester, New Hampshire and December 4 at
Dizzy’s Club/
Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Proclaimed “the future of jazz” by the legendary Jimmy Heath, Matt
recorded two solo
jazz albums before forming the Matt Savage

He has appeared on
NBC’s “Today Show,” ABC’s “20/20” and
“The View,” and The Discovery Channel. On September 17, CNN
will premiere a special program entitled, “Genius,” featuring Matt
as part of their
Medical Report series.    www.savagerecords.com
Victoria Rowell
By: Howard Stein
Sunday August 20, 2006 - John
Mark Karr, 41, said nothing as
he walked out of the detention
center in Bangkok, surrounded
by Thai police officers, at 3 pm
Bangkok time Sunday. He was
placed into a white police van
for a drive to the Bangkok
41 year-old
John Mark Karr
airport and a commercial flight to Los Angeles, where
he is expected to arrive Sunday evening.

Karr's face appeared emotionless as he walked with
U.S. officials accompanying him on the Thai Airways
commercial flight that is scheduled to arrive in
Angeles at 8:40.

A suspect in the
1996 death of 6-year-old JonBenet
Ramsey has begun his journey back to the
States where he is to be questioned by Boulder,
Colorado. investigators

Karr, the father of three boys, was employed as a
Nancy Wilson's taking a chance on love
Aug 22 with  new  CD    "turned to blue"   & You Just
Might Fall In It After Listening
By:  Gatsby Melodi'
LUTHER Drops August 22, 2006
New York City, August 18, 2006 - "As I
approach the prime of my life I find I
have the time of my life learning to enjoy
as my measure simple pleasures.  And
so I happily concede this is all I ask, this
is all I need",  fancy
Ms Nancy Wilson
soulfully engages with simply a piano
back-up in the interlude of T
his Is All I
Ask (
music & lyrics by Gordon Jenkins),
a calypso tinging opening track  
alluringly capturing romance with
mellow beats played soulfully  by
Mintzner, tenor sax; Alon Yavnai, piano;
Marty Asby, accoustic guitar; Nilson
Mattabass; Portinho, drums &
Jay Ashby, percussion &
song arranger.   OUCH! T
his Is All I Ask
hurts so good.

It continues with lyrics like
lingering sunsets stay a little longer".
Ahhhh - - this track sends you
to de
islands mon with a pina colada in your
hand and gives you a reason why
therapeutically flushes the body out with
soul - "Take me to strange enchanged
Nancy continues.  

Nancy Wilson doesn't hold back any
emotional feeling on this CD, and she's
added top musicians to the lyrics of the
eleven unrivalled tracks.  Whether the
song is tinged
cabaret, big band, R&B
Jazz, Ms Nancy Wilson wraps her
sexy chops around nurturing songs with
tremendous appeal.  

Other stand-out tracks include #4
Knitting Class featuring the very prolific
Jimmy Heath on tenor sax; Llew
Matthews, piano; John Clayton, bass;
Roy McCurdy; drums #8
These Golden
featuring Tom Scott on tenor sax;
#10 Old Folks featuring Andy Snitzer,
tenor sax; and the title track,
#3 turned to
- a musical version of My Life Has
Turned to Blue, a poem by
Dr. Maya
New York, NY August 9,
- Arista Records
has announced
announced that fans
will only have to wait a
few more weeks until they can get
their hands on the ultimate collection
Luther's greatest and most loved

"The Ultimate
Luther Vandross" is
the first complete career spanning
collection, with 18 songs from
Luther's J Records and Epic
Records releases.

The album also includes two
previously unreleased tracks:
"Shine" (produced by
Jimmy Jam &
Terry Lewis) and "Got You Home."

In addition, the collection includes all
Luther's infamous hits.
The Dave Stryker Organ Trio Hits The  Road In
Support Of Their New CD    "
The Chaser"
"I remember many
things like simple
things like the
symphony you hear
each time a robin
sings, these are
memories I can't
erase. I remember
many things but I
don't remember ever
growing up" she
sings in track  #9
I Don't Remember
Ever Growing Up

written by
Artie Butler
"turned to blue", will
be available  Aug

About the title cut,
Nancy Wilson
emphasizes, "As a
singer who chooses
to sing only those
songs that speak to
me, that resonate
with my life and
feelings, it is pure joy
to be able to sing the
words of my long
time friend,
New York, NY- August 22,
2006 - Whether you’ve heard
Dave Stryker fronting
his own group (19 CD’s) or as
a featured sideman with Stanley Turrentine, Jack
McDuff, and Kevin Mahogany, or that he was just
voted a Rising Star in the 2006 Critics poll of

Downbeat Magazine

Friday Aug. 25th  9:30 and 11 PM at The Goat  21
So. Orange Ave / So. Orange NJ /
Sun. August 27 Monterey Cafe 8th Annual Jazz
Picnic Farnham Memorial Gardens / New Haven
CT / 203-468-8870 2:30 - 3:30 PM w/special guest
Steve Slagle
More info:  http://www.davestryker.com/
DVD recorded Atlanta
Civic Center with
guest Anthony
Hamilton, includes
behind the scenes
footage and
Stone adds 'I Wasn't
to her
October 25, 2005
release of her "Best
Of" CD and DVD.
Karr cleared in JonBenet Ramsey case --
DNA of suspect in murder no match, but he
faces child porn charges in California
BOULDER, CO Aug 28, 2006 -
Prosecutors abruptly
dropped their case against
John Mark Karr in the slaying
JonBenet Ramsey on
John Mark Karr
Monday, saying DNA tests failed to put him at the
crime scene despite his repeated insistence he
killed the 6-year-old beauty queen.

The move came just a week and a half after the
41-year-old schoolteacher was arrested in
Thailand and put on a plane to the U.S. in what
was regarded as a remarkable break in the
decade-old murder mystery that had cast
suspicion on
JonBenet's parents.

Karr, 41, will be held in custody by the Boulder
County sheriff's office pending extradition to
Sonoma County, Calif., to face child pornography
charges dating to 2001. Earlier in the day, the
sheriff's department announced
Karr had been

Among other things,
Karr’s relatives insisted that
he was with them, celebrating Christmas in
Georgia and Alabama, around the time the child
beauty queen was found strangled and beaten at
her Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996. They said
that if
Karr had not been with his family at
Christmas, they would have certainly
remembered it.

In an interview with the media in Thailand,
said that he was with JonBenet when she died
and that her death was an accident. Asked if he
was innocent, he said no.
Henry Butler & Dr. Michael White Quartet with Maurice
Brown Hosted by Ashley Kahn at Merkin Concert Hall,
Saturday, Sept 2, 2006 at 8:30pm

New York, NY August 29, 2006 - The preeminent jazz pianist of New
Orleans, Henry Butler, also trained as an opera singer, offers a
remarkable solo performance. Professor and clarinetist
Michael White and his quartet - Gregory Stafford on
trumpet/vocals; Detroit Brooks on banjo and
Roland Guerin on
bass - crack open
Crescent City chestnuts and make them
new again.

The evening focuses on New Orleans jazz from the 1920's
through the present, which includes classics from
King Oliver,
Sidney Bechet
and Jelly Roll Morton, plus songs from the New
Orleans Revival period.  New,
original work will be presented,
inspired by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Trumpet phenom Maurice Brown, who studied intensely with
the esteemed New Orleans professor
Alvin Batiste, adds his
young, vigorous voice in an intimate duo with
Butler, and then
White's quartet. Brown has been hailed by Downbeat as
"one of the most exciting young trumpeters in jazz".

This engaged performance will be hosted by author and critic
Ashley Kahn, who recently returned from the Big Easy after a
book tour.  He will report on
New Orleans's reconstruction
efforts and conduct on-stage interviews with the artists, some
of which have relocated to rebuild their lives in other cities.

Kaufman Center presents CRESCENT CITY CELEBRATION:
Henry Butler /
Dr. Michael White Quartet with Maurice Brown
129 W. 67th St. (between Broadway and Amsterdam)
Saturday, September 2, 2005 at 8:30 PM  - tickets are $35.  Box
Office at 212 501 3330 or order online at www.kaufman-center.

Tune in to WNYC’S ‘Soundcheck’  (93.9FM) Tuesday, 8/29, 2-
Maurice Brown Quintet LIVE!
Jazz at the Plaza Outdoor Summer
Festival -
Antoinette Montague with the
Bill Easley Quartet John DiMartino
(piano) Paul West (bass)
Tues. Aug 29;  6:00 pm;  
City Hall Plaza
East Orange Department of Parks &
Recreation    East Orange, NJ
Tickets:FREE to the public
2.6 Million to be Donated to
September 11th Charities  from
Trade Center” Opening

New York, NY  (August 28, 2006) - A total donation of $
2.6 million from opening ticket sales of the film
World Trade Center” will be made to four New
York-based charities that honor the memory of
those lost in the September 11th attacks and
provide ongoing help to their families, it was
announced today.  The $ 2.6 million total
represents ten percent of the box office receipts
the film’s opening five days, from Wednesday,
August 9, through Sunday, August 13, from nearly
3,000 theaters throughout the U.S.

As previously announced, fifty percent of the total
donation –  $1.3 million - is being given to the
World Trade Center Memorial Foundation, for the
construction of the Memorial’s two reflecting
pools to be located on the footprints of the
original Twin Towers.  Another $ 1.3 million,
representing the remaining fifty percent of the
total donation, will be shared equally among
Tuesday’s Children, the Tribute WTC Visitor
Center and the New York Police and Fire Widows’
and Children’s Benefit Fund.  Each of these three
organizations will receive approximately

The film, directed by Oliver Stone, tells the true
story of real life Port Authority Police Officers Will
Jimeno and John McLoughlin, who were rescued
hours after being buried beneath the rubble of the
World Trade Center., from Paramount Pictures.  
Comic Sues Jews for Jesus

New York, NY  August 25, 2006 - The $2
million lawsuit seeks the immediate
destruction of the pamphlet, which
members of the missionary group have
been handing out at various points
New York City.

"While I have the utmost respect for
people who practice the Christian faith,
the fact is, as everyone knows, I am as
Jewish as a matzo ball or kosher
salami," the 75-year-old comedian said
in documents filed in state Supreme
Court in

Founded in the 1970s, Jews for Jesus
practices Judaism but regards
Jesus as
the Messiah.

The pamphlets feature an image of
Mason next to the words "Jackie Mason  
A Jew for
Jesus!?" with information
inside that outlines the similarities
between Jews and Christians.

"The pamphlet uses my name, my
likeness, my 'shtick' (if you will), and my
very act, which is derived from my
personality, to attract attention and
converts," Mason said in an affidavit.

Susan Perlman, a spokeswoman for
Jews for
Jesus, said the pamphlet was
"good-natured." "Shame on him for
getting so upset about this," she said
FOX Television Scores Another
Thur & Fri 9/8C Hit With CELEBRITY DUETS
Kansas City - Sept 4, 2006
Celebrity Duets with
actor and improv
legend Wayne Brady as
host, premiered
Tuesday Aug 29th on
FOX and became an
instant hit with family
audiences everywhere.
calling it sensational.
(l to r) James Ingram and Alfonso
Ribeiro on Celebrity Duets
Each week celebrity competitors are paired with a
different recording superstar like Taylor Dayne,
Ingram, Wynonna Judd, Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle,
Kenny Loggins, Brian McKnight,
Aaron Neville, Smokey
Robinson, Dionne Warwick, and others. In addition,
David Foster serves as a judge for the competition.
JonBenet D.A.: 'Hindsight Is
Officials Explain Why Suspect
Was Flown To U.S. Without
DNA Match
By Howard Stein

BOULDER, CO Aug. 29, 2006 - One day after
the case against
Karr was dropped,
District Attorney Mary Lacy and her team
defended their decision to bring him to
Colorado from halfway around the world
on a jumbo jet, with champagne and
pate for dinner, for DNA testing that
cleared him as a suspect.

Lacy said she would not change a thing
about how she approached the
investigation, except perhaps making a
stronger effort to keep details from the
media. She said
Karr's graphic, detailed
claims and his growing fascination with
at least one girl in Thailand forced her

"We had probable cause to arrest him,"
she said. "We also had taken advantage
of a forensic psychologist who advised
that this person was dangerous -  this
person was escalating."

She added: "We felt we could not ignore
this, we had to follow it."

"This guy confessed on numerous
occasions in great deal," said Peter
Maguire, a deputy district attorney. "He
confessed in e-mails, he confessed in
telephone conversations, he admitted it
to a police officer. This was a bizarre
crime and the person who committed
this crime acted in a bizarre way."
About Liz Taylor the Fame the
Misfortune - Biographer J. Randy
Taraborrelli Tells
CBS About Her Life
In The Spotlight

New York, NY Aug 30, 2006 - Elizabeth Taylor has been world
famous for over 60 years, and it hasn't been easy on her,
despite two Academy Awards, legions of fans, and one of
the most beautiful pair of eyes in Hollywood.

Celebrity biographer J. Randy Taraborrelli goes deep into
Taylor's wild, flamboyant and often painful life, including
her eight marriages to seven men, and her relationship
with her mother who was pivotal in her life.

"Sarah was a fascinating woman," Taraborrelli said, "who
really did -- she believed two things. She believed, No. 1,
that she was largely responsible for
Elizabeth's success.
And in many ways, she was. No. 2, how she would have
loved to have had that success because she was a
woman who was a Broadway actress before she met
Elizabeth Taylor's father, and she gave up her career in
order to raise Elizabeth and her brother and to marry and
raise this family."

"So you can understand why both love and ambivalence
existed in Elizabeth where her mother was concerned,
because Elizabeth was kind of thrown into the
MGM studio
system by her mother. And she had such a difficult time as
a child star."

As did
Michael Jackson, with whom Taylor became close
friends in his latest book, "Elizabeth."

On The Early Show Wednesday, Taraborelli told co-anchor
Rene Syler that Taylor's relationship with her mother,
Sarah Taylor was pivotal in her life.
FBI Most Wanted - Fugitive Polygamist
Sect Leader Warren Steed Jeffs
Caught Near Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS Aug 29, 2006 - Nevada state troopers
found one of the FBI's most wanted fugitives,
along with wigs, cell phones, laptop computers
and more than $54,000 in cash, on a highway
north of Las Vegas, authorities said Monday.

Polygamist sect leader Warren Steed Jeffs, 50,
was a passenger in a red 2007 Cadillac Escalade
that was pulled over along Interstate 15 shortly
after 9 p.m. (7 p.m. ET) Monday.

Jeffs initially gave the troopers an alias before
acknowledging who he was, said Steven M.
Martinez, FBI Special Agent in Charge of the
agency's Las Vegas office. He faces charges of
unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in Utah and
Arizona, sexual conduct with a minor, conspiracy
to commit sexual conduct with a minor and rape
as an accomplice, according to the FBI Web site.

The Escalade was stopped because its
temporary tag, issued in Colorado, was not clearly
visible, said George Togliatti, Nevada's director of
public safety. When asked for identification, Jeffs
offered only a contact lens receipt from another
state that identified him as someone else, said
John Lewis, FBI agent-in-charge in Phoenix.
                                                                                                                                 Afro  American  Syndicate