DONALD TRUMP Tells Randal Pinkett  "You're Hired" in "Apprentice" Season Four
Finale.......BUT WHO IS RANDAL?
By: Gatsby Melodi'
New York, NY, JAN 5, 2006 - Donald Trump's NBC-TV
hit show
"The Apprentice" culminates with Randall
Pinket on top as his latest apprentice.

Randal got to the top being savvy, compassionate,
flexible, and instructional with a  "can do spirit".
Randal and Rebecca in to the boardroom for their
final meeting with Trump.
At the live finale ,Mr. Trump brought Rebecca
and Randal out to the stage at
Lincoln Center
and showed clips highlighting their personal
and professional lives.

Donald Trump voiced concern that Randal
wasn’t tough enough for New York. Turning
to Randal,
Trump said, "You’re an amazing
leader… Amazing."
Randal Pinkett (left) Season Four Apprentice winner
takes time out before the finale to pose with
Williams (right) Season Three contender,
His final task was to handle a VIP Softball
Challengewith high profile celebrities raising money
for Autism Speaks, sponsored by  

Randal gathered his troops at Keyspan Park a
baseball stadium situated in the heart of New York’s
historic Coney Island and together they planned a  
party for a crowd of 500 people and a  VIP reception.

Among the celebrities playing softball were Jerome
Williams from the Knicks,
Sugar Ray Leonard, and
G Unit, a hip-hop group.

Randal neglected to check the weather forecast the
day of the fund-raiser.  Just hours before the event  
lightning crashed and rain fell down.

Steve from Keyspan Park called Randal with the
news - he didn't think that the celebrities would be
able to play the game that day.
He looked back to
Rebecca and said,
"Rebecca… You're

But then he turned
back to Randal
with the magic
words, "Randal…
you're hired!"

Randal leapt to
his feet with a
resounding cheer.
He threw himself
at his teammates
and hugs were
given out all
Carolyn, Donald Trump's
"The Apprentice"
George, Donald Trump's
"The Apprentice"
Randal Pinkett, 34, is the founder, president
and CEO of his fifth venture "BCT Partners," a
multi-million dollar management, technology
and policy consulting firm based in Newark,
N.J., that works with corporations, government
agencies, philanthropic and nonprofit

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Hightstown,
N.J., Randal holds five academic degrees in
engineering, business and technology
including a B.S. from Rutgers University, an
M.S. from the University of Oxford in England as
a Rhodes Scholar, and an M.S., M.B.A. and
Ph.D. from MIT.

A former college championship track and field
athlete, Randal has received numerous
awards for his accomplishments as an
entrepreneur and technologist including the
National Society of Black Engineers "National
Member of the Year." A Leadership New Jersey
Fellow and Next Generation Leadership Fellow,
Randal has been featured by
Black Enterprise
magazine and Ebony magazine in their "30
Leaders of the Future" issue.

He is a proud member of First Baptist Church
in Somerset, N.J., where he resides and is
happily married to his wife Zahara.
"I’m done!",
reflects Randal.
"There should have been a
contingency plan in place, and it
eluded me.",
Struck down as adversity ravaged Randal's
chances at being
Mr. Trump's next apprentice, he
quickly got it together.  

Plan B kicked in.  Randal brought the benefit
inside and decided to go with a LIVE auction as
opposed to a silent action.

Randal grabbed the mic delivering an explosive
heartfelt talk about
Autism affecting more millions
than people could ever imagine.  Randal was
magical as he used words to touch and gather the
hearts and attention to a story worthy to be told.
Randal then introduced
Donald Trump as a
humanitarian and
brought him to the
microphone to say a
few words.
Randal supporters
that night
Randal says "thank
you" to Trump, after
Donald Trump & his
Apprentice Randal
from Season Four
"The Apprentice".
Walter Beasley