Samuel L. Jackson in Beverly Hills Caifornia to Discuss New Line
Cinema's Latest Odd Couple Release - -  Jackson Says He Had to Learn
Patience While Filming
"The Man"   Opening  in theaters September 9th
By: Gatsby Melodi'
(left to right) Eugene Levy as “Andy Fiddler” and Samuel
L. Jackson as “Derrick Vann” in New Line Cinema’s
upcoming odd couple action comedy,
Photo: ©2005 Ava Gerlitz/New Line Productions
(left to right) Samuel L. Jackson as “Derrick” and
Eugene Levy as “Andy” in New Line Cinema’s
upcoming odd couple action comedy,
Photo: ©2005 Ava Gerlitz/New Line Productions
Jackson says he is not nude as is suggested
in the above scene, and neither is he sporting
real body scripting.  "Aw no that' s all
Hollywood.  That's not me I don't have any
tattoos on my body.", he said.

I questioned Jackson why  he is without
clothing while his co-star Eugene Levy is fully
dressed.  "My character proposes more of a
threat to the mobsters, and plus a wire won't
work under water",
Jackson responded.
Sep 2, 2005 -" I had fun coloring the language"
Samuel L. Jackson began our interview at the
Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA..  
indeed I thought to myself as he spoke.

Jackson has got a potty mouth on him in
" opening worldwide Friday, September 9th,
from New Line Cinema

The "b" word and several others that need no
recognition find themselves into the script of
as a first language. I saw several parents
with small children get up and leave the theater
20 minutes after the film had started.

"How did you prepare for that  role?", I queried
Jackson with hopes of humoring him for a jovial

Luckily he felt my vibes and humored me back
saying "I didn't have to go far I grew up in a house
where there was a lot cursing."

I immediately convulsed with laughter because I
too grew up in a home that used lots of profanity.  I
quickly smiled and looked at Samuel L. Jackson
as one unpretentious real cool dude.

I had been invited to Hollywood by Roz Stevenson
Public Relations and New Line Cinema to attend
an advance screening and to meet and interview
with Mr. Jackson.

"We spent 3 weeks all day long in that car and it
can take its toll after 1 or two hours.  I had to  learn
patience.", Jackson told me when I questioned
what he had learned from this film in career
where knowledge is forever evolving.
Although Anthony
Mackie appears very
briefly on screen as
Booty, he performs an
important function in
terms of moving the
story forward. While
Mackie isn't immediately
recognizable  his
infectious smile gives
him away and delights.
Anthony Mackie as
“Booty” in