Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds Talks Candidly
COLLEGE HILL  -- Says HER Intent With The Show Is to
"Free formative years over a wide demographic" About the Hit
Reality Series - Thursdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) on BET
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Atlanta, GA  January 27, 2005 - Upfront Personal "issues"
smack-dab right up in-your-face is what  
BET's " hottest
reality show"
College Hill  delivers.  

Executive producer Tracey Edmonds says there is a
method to it all.

Edmonds Entertainment Group, famed producers of the
multiple award winning drama television series
again partnered with BET to produce the
sophomore season of
College Hill.  

The episodes have been enriched "with different
attitudes and different adventures", Tracey Edmonds told
me in a phone interview (Fri - 1/27/05-9AM)), arranged by

The series,
College Hill is an uncensored look into the
lives of 8 college co-eds at Langston University, every
Thursday at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), on BET.

"I'm excited about  a brand new season with an eclectic
cast of eight who can articulate, and who are not
inhibited," Edmonds jubiantly relinquishes.

"We've flipped the script with an off campus housing
arrangement for the cast - all of whom have agreed to be
recorded and marketed", and she continues   - -  

"We were looking to do a reality show that would
generate emotions like
happy and compelling."

"With a cast chosen from  HBCU's (Historically Black
College University)....we had over 1,000 auditions.  
The final 8 became the cast."  

What message had you envisioned your show could
deliver? I asked Mrs. Edmonds.

She  responded  using  few  but emphatic and powerful
"to free formative years over a wide emographic"

Nuff said I thought to myself as I sat in complete awe at
Mrs. Edmonds skillful and astute languaging skills -    
another example of where
less is more.

No doubt knowledge is power.  Often times we don't
know that we don't know what we needed to know until
confronted with a situation where it would have been
helpful if we had known it.  

College Hill is breaking it down using understandable
dialogue and body language upfront and all up in your
very personal business, while sensitizing.  Keepin' it real.

There's an old saying - "
Tell me I'll probably forget; Show
me I may remember; Involve me and I'll less likely forget."

Maybe, just maybe Tracey Edmonds has adapted this
philosophy in her desire with
College Hill -  involving and
educating while entertaining.   

College Hill looks like another winner of  trail-blazing
fundamentalism that is sure to be around for a very long
time.  It is a real winner for

Adding spice to the adventure, Edmonds advised that  
the residents will be certainly pleased with their living

"Moving off campus gave us a lot of control" said Tracey
Edmonds cotinues. "We'd been spending time trying not
to go against university rules."

"When shooting on a college campus you are limited as
to what can be filmed.  For instance we could not film a
conversation in the bed.  What airs or doesn't air is
governed by those rules."

Oh but wait  she said the cast didn't just move off
campus, --- this executive producer told me, "The cast
mates share a luxurious 8,000 square feet  - 7 acre
Western-themed ranch in the middle of nowhere", Tracey
Edmonds allures quixotic adventure enthusings.     

From Christians with their "beliefs" and "covenants" with
God  to a male streaking through the house naked,   to off
the hook jacuzzi exploits, and late-night rendezvous,
"Each is a of one-of-a-kind student.", Tracey interjects
here, clearly projecting commitment and self
assuredness about her cast and their ability to raise
infectious emotions.

"This is unscripted original programming that
encompasses struggles and fun."

Do you have a piece of the show I asked?  "We own a
piece of the show, we partnered with BET, and we're very
proud of the end  result.", Mrs. Tracey Edmonds (married
Kenny Babyface Edmonds)  concluded our interview..

The first episode of the new season aired Thurs., Jan 27,
BET, and already questions are being asked by
parents like-- "Could this be one of those shows that will
add havoc to our lives?" Pointing out that there is too
much drinking alcohol made available to the house

Others are praising
College Hill, saying that time slot on
their television is locked in to
BET. Gotta have more of
"College Hill".

The first episode clearly lacked audio clarity and
crispness, at times it was inaudible, and other times too
distracting with BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP, instead of
actual words.

The eight casts members are:
Brittani, 19 - Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK -
Israel, 20 - Hometown: Pawnee, OK -
Major:Special ED
Stacey, 21 - Hometown: Bakersfield, CA
Major: Special Education
Nafiys, 21 - Hometown: Newark, NJ
Major: Elementary Education
Peaches, 23 - Hometown: Frankfurt, Germany
Major: Biology Pre-med/Chemistry
Jon, 22 - Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: MIS/Biology
Tanisha, 21 - Hometown: Omaha, NE
Major: Music Education
Coti, 20 - Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK
Major: Biology