Four Lovely Daughters - Big Family Secrets - &  An Affair to Remember
Writer / Producer / Director / Actress - VANESSA PARISE  Chats About Her Award
Winning  Family Disclosures  --  "KISS THE BRIDE"  Debuting On DVD Feb 8th -
From MGM Home Enertainment
By: Gatsby Melodi'
Here's To VANESSA PARISE - and all the joy that name brings!

Beautifully shot on the coast of Rhode Island, and based on her own life,  
the Bride
” from brilliant writer/producer/director/actress, Vanessa Parise,  was
first released into theaters in 2002, and debuts on DVD, Feb 8th, 2005,  from
MGM Home Entertainment.

"Kiss the Bride" is a perspicuously funny and heartwarming romantic comedy
about four very different sisters.

Born Italian-American middle child of five, Vanessa grew up in the classic New
England town of Westerly on the  Rhode Island coast. "
Where I did all the
", she told me in a phone interview, arranged by MGM.
Vanessa plays the role of Chrissy who runs a high powered
company on Wall Street. I asked Vanessa why that role?  She
humorously responded "It's  the most unlike me. I most enjoy
nurturing people."
Vanessa Parise
"Kiss the Bride" includes touching performances from an all-star cast including; sister Niki (Brooke Langton)
the TV Show star in L.A.;  sister
Toni  (Monet Mazur) the free spirited singer who brings her girlfriend (Alyssa
) home and announces she is lesbian.

Vanessa is not only a talented artist, but an academic and a  businesswoman.  After graduating from Harvard
magna cum laude in Biology,  she turned down an acceptance to Harvard Medical School in order to
pursue her film career.  

She said her childhood as a member of a large, extended Italian-American family helped to motivate and inspire
her work. "I wrote about the love one gives to another family member despite the  idiosyncrasy   - about  choices
we make for ourselves vs family."

With  unbridled energy, Vanessa is already working on her next film tentatively titled
Dick and Jane Versus  the  
, which follows a young woman  with a "joie de  vivre" ("love of life" she translates for me) who  falls for an
older cynical guy sleepwalking his way through life.  Together, they   haphazardly start a cultural revolution until
he  finds out she's  been living a lie.

I asked Vanessa -- What's the lie? --  "she's dying" she said, about her next feature film she has written, will
direct, produce, and act in, which will begin shooting in and around Los Angeles April of  2005.

Although Vanessa seems to be a high energy person, she really gushed enthusiasm when she explained her
decision to wear so many hats.  Vanessa responded,

"I'm the kind of person who likes challenges and with
"Kiss the Bride" each role challenged me. The director
was a leadership role, as producer - a problem solver, as actor - I had to find my vulnerabilities.  I felt like I used
my entire self."

"Kiss the Bride",  has to date won Best Feature Film at  the Hamptons  and Sarasota film  festivals, Best Actress
for Vanessa at Cinequest,   
Best Actress for  Talia Shire and Best Score for Jeremy Parise at  Monte Carlo, the  
Audience Award for
Best  Film at Rhode Island, and Best Actress for  Francis Bay at  Torino.  

Vanessa is also stepping into the television world., currently developing a scripted
improv show with the band
Incubus,  as  well as a  show based on the  bestseller Why Men Love  Bitches with  Reveille Entertainment.  

When  she is  not working, Vanessa  enjoys tutoring underprivileged children,  doing  yoga, hiking,  dancing,
skiing, and  traveling. "Maybe we all spent those years strugging to be heard" one of many forever memorializing
lines in this fresh script.
DVD Features:
Cast & crew interviews: Amanda Detmer;, Sean Patrick Flanery,  Brooke Langton,  Monet Mazur,  Alyssa Milano;,
Vanessa Parise, Jonathon Schaech, Johnny Whitworth, Burt Young and Talia Shire; Original theatrical trailer;
Rated:  Not for sale to persons under age 18; Running time 1 Hr 30 min; 5.1 Surround Sound; Eng. Fr. Span
Sub-titles: CC.